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Brazilian Study of Nutrition and Health (EBANS)

SUMMARY BACKGROUND: Epidemiological studies with dietary variables are complex methodologically, being the researcher responsible for an- ticipating, controlling, reducing and preventing methodological errors. Obesity accounts for almost one-third of the world’s population and has consequences for childhood and adolescence. Multifactorial disorder must be faced in several aspects, being food and physical activity, modifiable risk factors. The EBANS aims to perform a diagnosis of the nutritional status of the Brazilian population from 15 to 65 years old, from all regions, and the parameters associated with obesity, with several possibilities of correlating data. METHODOLOGICAL PROCESS: Part of the ELANS study (n = 9218), the EBANS (n = 2000) has a weighted sample and data collection that allows: to evaluate the socioeconomic level of the population; perform a diagnosis of nutritional status (through anthropometric vari- ables); to evaluate food intake (R24h and FFQ for beverages); and evaluate physical activity practice (IPAQ-long and accelerometer). METHODOLOGICAL OPPORTUNITIES: With national coverage, EBANS has the potential to compose regional analyzes, portray the cur- rent nutritional epidemiological condition, food consumption and physical activity pattern of the Brazilian population, at different life stages, and may have their data analyzed together or stratified, offering useful subsidies for the formulation of public policies. METHODOLOGICAL CHALLENGES: Each methodological step was designed to reduce errors and biases related to methodological chal- lenges. CAAE REGISTRATION: 31670314.8.0000.5567. FINAL CONSIDERATIONS: Of great potential for future data analysis, EBANS tries to contribute to the generation of knowledge to foment policies and actions capable of changing the current obesity scenario.

Fisberg Brazilian Study of Nutrition and Health EBANS 2019
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